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Leveraging semantic web services such as Thompson Reuter's Calais within Drupal enables you to do amazing things that will be part of the semantic revolution. This session will cover some incredibly powerful things you can do to augment content and create powerful features once you have the semantic context and metadata of the information driving a site.


Frank Febrarro
Tom Tague

This session is geared towards Drupal implementers, themers and module developers. If you have an interest in publishing or media sites or want to see latest and greatest in Semantic Drupal - you won’t be disappointed.


In addition to Q&A, the topics covered will include:

  • Demonstration of the Calais Web Service & Calais Collection of Drupal Modules
  • Demonstration of a Drupal site that uses Calais and semantic power, such as
    • Calais Geo for geo-tagging and mashups of content
    • More Like This…that creates semantically relevant links to other content both on your site and on the web
    • Tagging and integration of multimedia content from Flickr and YouTube
    • Topic Hubs that aggregates community discussion around hot topics in your content
  • Discuss emerging standards in metadata tagging that are available on Drupal to expose semantic linkages via RDFa, etc.
  • Talk about future directions for Drupal modules, capabilities, other semantic tools & technologies that can be integrated to give your sites a fast track to the semantic web.

Take Away

Developers and implementers will learn what tools are available now to take advantage of semantic web services on the Drupal platform. Architects and forward-looking developers will get a glimpse of the future of Drupal/semantic/API integration.


Frank Febbraro and Tom Tague will lead this session.


I'm really disappointed that I missed this session. I can't find the video for it at:

Is the video available anywhere?

Re: Video?


According to bonniebogle in this post,,
this session is one of the very few that was not videotaped. It's a shame because I
attended it and the presentation blew me away. I highly recommend it if it ever
comes up again.

I did, however, take sloppy, high-level notes. Here they are:

The OpenCalais integration is:

  • A Thompson-Reuters project
  • A free API for everyone
  • An easy way to automatically categorize and metatag the people, places, facts, and events in your content

Integrates with:

  • Drupal (tight integration!)
  • WordPress
  • Alfresco

Simple use case: An editor of local paper wants a sidebar with local technology news of the day. Currently, he/she would have to read each article and decide whether to publish it on the sidebar. But With Open Calais (OC):

  • A web service reads the article, and...
  • uses natural language processing and machine learning to detect the tech company
  • goes to DBPedia and sees if it’s local
  • returns the result

Inother words, OC is an engine that:

  • provides context
  • Merges OC-specific automatically-generated tags with your site's taxonomy tags
  • OC-specific tags can include company data and geo data

Drupal semantic web modules:

  • RDF
  • FOAF
  • Relations
  • Sparql
  • sioc
  • Calais collection
  • Integrated with Views!


  • More-Like-This: recommends other content on your site and on the web, based on Calais tags
  • Topic Hubs: aggregates content based on expressions based on Calais terms
  • Geo: gets geo data based on Calais tags. In future, liinked Data cloud RDF data sets across the web. URI-based

For the future:

  • contextual geo data
  • Marmoset — microformats for search agents
  • Open Publish - A package containing all the components above