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Ubercart is an open source e-commerce suite built on top of Drupal. Its recent migration to Drupal 6 brought with it a number of performance enhancements, usability improvements, and new features designed to make using Ubercart faster and easier. This session will provide a basic overview of the Ubercart project, exposure to the changes and improvements in Ubercart 2.x, and vision casting for the future of Ubercart on Drupal 6 and beyond.


Ryan Szrama
Lyle Mantooth


  • Brief Ubercart overview/feature summary
  • Community spotlight and site showcase
  • Drupal 6 specific enhancements and features
  • Development roadmap and progress report
  • Foundation. Optimization. Innovation.
  • Keeping it close to core... dreaming of testing and fields
  • Finding support for use and development
  • How to contribute to Ubercart


Attendees should expect to learn in a nutshell what Ubercart is and how it may be used. Additionally, attendees will be exposed to the recent improvements and changes made during the migration from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. Finally, attendees will be shown (and hopefully catch) our vision for the future of Ubercart.



This session will be presented by the core Ubercart maintainers, Ryan Szrama and Lyle Mantooth. Also present will be the rest of Team Ubercart (TM) to answer your questions and talk Ubercart before, during, and after the session.

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