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Ubercart is a powerful e-commerce suite that allows you to sell physical products, role promotions, file downloads, and more through your Drupal site. Current stores use Ubercart to sell audio content, recurring fan club memberships, node access, store credit, and event registrations. This session will highlight the core and contributed modules needed to accomplish these things in Ubercart. We will walk through the store configuration and answer questions related to the demonstrated tasks.


Ryan Szrama
Lyle Mantooth


  • Brief overview of advanced Ubercart features
  • How contributed modules can make it happen
  • The following uses will each have an explanation, showcase, and walkthrough:
    • Selling file downloads
    • Charging recurring fees
    • Selling site access through role promotions and node access
    • Selling and allowing payment by store credit (think User Points)
    • Selling registrations through node checkout
  • Other Drupal modules Ubercart integrates
  • Finding further support and API documentation
  • Finding and funding developers


Attendees looking to find out more about or use these advanced Ubercart features should learn what core and contributed modules will enable them to do so. The simple walkthroughs we perform should leave attendees with a general understanding of how to do the setup. We won't go into in-depth full site setup, but this session should be the starting point for further questions and conversations related to advanced Ubercart usage.



This session will be presented by the core Ubercart maintainers, Ryan Szrama and Lyle Mantooth. Also present will be the rest of Team Ubercart (TM) to answer your questions and talk Ubercart before, during, and after the session.

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I'm just wondering if the primary focus on these walk throughs will be Drupal 6 oriented?