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Are you a lazy developer? If you aren't, you should be! Find out about editor tricks that can save you hours and hours of effort and frustration. Learn about browser tips that make it easy to test your sites with different users, track down elusive bugs, and test. Develop the virtue of laziness by automating as much as you can with makefiles, the Drupal Shell, regression tests, and other goodies. Share your best tips during this interactive session. Use your new free time to rock even more!


Sacha Chua

Pre-session notes:


After this session, you will be buzzing with all sorts of ideas on how to make your development process faster and more efficient. You will have concrete tips on how to optimize one or two aspects of your environment, and pointers to resources where you can find more. As you implement those tips and save time, you can keep coming back to the session resources and find out more ways you can save time and increase your development happiness.



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Doesn't include a web-playable version :(



I can set up certain tasks to run in an install profile, but not others.

Is there a guide to writing install profiles, or other resource? The main source of help I've found is browsing and hope I randomly come across what I'm looking for.

I haven't been had much luck consulting this documentation -

Thank you for your session.