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In this session, I'll talk about the semantic web and provide some background information about it, why it matters, and where it is in its evolutionary cycle (RDFa just got accepted as W3C recommendation, for example). Then I'll talk about how it fits into Drupal and what tools are available today. I'll close by discussing what areas we need to work on and where we should go next.


Boris Mann


  • What is the Semantic Web?
  • Open Data!
  • Why should you care?
  • Where does Drupal come in?
  • What’s next?


An understanding of where the semantic web is today, how it fits into Drupal, and when and where you should use semantic web techniques.



These are a handful of modules mentioned -- there are more!


I would love to get a link to the screencast you showed at the beginning.

Do you have plans to talk about some of the existing modules? Notably these include the Bendikan contributions, SPARQL and RDF, and scor's RDF CCK and SIOC?

benjamin, Agaric Design Collective


Although, I'm going to try and focus on the wider use of open data, and how Drupal can help kickstart a web of data / web of people.

Drupal 7 looks to be having more and more of this baked in, which is great to see.