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Over the past few years, we have come to rely heavily on web-based tools, such as blogs, forums, wiki, and other to collaborate, manage schedules, and share information. At the same time, chat (or Instant Messaging) has become one of the predominant forms of communication. One issue remains, however: the web based tools and chat don’t really “talk” to each other.


Darren Ferguson


My talk will be focused on addressing that issue and harnessing the power of Jabber (XMPP) to enrich Drupal-based sites and application with real-time communication components. Likewise, I’ll show how web-based collaboration and information sharing add context to Instant Messaging.

First, we will discuss the design and implementation of the various aspects of Jabber (XMPP) integration with Drupal, including the following:

* User account provisioning
* User real-time presence integration
* Extending capabilities of Groups and Events with Multi-User Chat
* XMPP roster management integration with User Relationships
* Notifications and Messaging integration
* Web-based Jabber client integration
* Multi-lingual chat and translation framework integration

The talk will include a live demo of a fully functional integrated platform based on Drupal, ejabberd, and the XWChat thin client, as well as a look under its hood and discussion of the architecture and implementation of the modules, interfaces, and APIs.


The goal of this talk is to show how one can increase the functionality and value of a Drupal-based site or application by integrating XMPP-based chat capabilities.


Darren Ferguson is working on XMPP integration and online collaboration tools for OpenBand. Darren has also done substantial work on integrating ejabberd capabilities and extending its integration interfaces.