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Using Drupal in a formal news media environment requires careful thought.How do Drupal's content creation concepts and user roles apply to the publishing industry? How is newsroom workflow implemented on the Drupal platform? And how do open source frameworks like Drupal impact traditional print business models? Representatives from Mother Jones Magazine, the New York Observer, and other high profile media organizations will talk about their use of Drupal in a formal news publishing environment.


Michael Silberman
Nick Aster
Tom McGeveran


  • Workflow -- Do news organizations adapt Drupal to their needs, or does Drupal adapt them?
    • Content creation process
    • Editing process
    • Publishing process
  • User roles and permissions -- does your staff understand how it all works?
  • The public -- Using Drupal to facilitate commenting, dialogue, and reader engagement


This panel discussion will be useful to both those looking to Drupal as a platform for their news/media organization's website as well as to those developers looking to integrate an editorial workflow into their web publishing platform.


  • Nick Aster, Media Architect from Mother Jones
  • Tom McGeveran from The New York Observer
  • Additional invited speakers from similar high profile media organizations pending confirmation

Thanks to everyone who attended the panel on Wednesday. It was a real validation of our efforts to hear so many questions before and after the panel. Please feel free to email me directly if you have more questions about our project or if you're interested in helping out as we build things forward!

One audience member's notes from this session:
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