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On the Saturday following the conference, josh_k will be helping conference presenters and others with tips, tricks and demos to share sign into the Drupal Dojo's live screen-sharing system (DimDim), and to record screencasts of their work. We'll have a workstation available for recording, and we'll distributing DimDim logins to any interested participants.

Our goal for this event is to collect valuable video documentation from popular presentations - a quick screencast is often a lot easier to follow than the video from the back of the room - and to "open up" the Saturday code sprint for more outside participation.

The resulting videos will be produced and posted on the Saturday and Sunday following the conference. If you have a screencast you'd like to make, or expertise to help out in production, feel free to contact Josh via email ( or at the conference.

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Just found out about this session; I was planning to do a Dojo session this week anyway (as an emfield provider tutorial). Maybe it would be best for me to do that on Saturday, if you can schedule me in. (I'll be heading out of town in the afternoon, so morning would be best for that).

I've worked with DimDim semi-successfully before. But I could use some general pointers on giving remote sessions anyway.