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The system administrator for gives a rundown on the current infrastructure. This will cover web node configuration, centralized management, the database cluster and relations with the Open Source Lab. Included in this will be plans for the future and how drupal's infrastructure will be modified to respond to growth and new technology.


Narayan Newton
Kieran Lal

In this presentation, I will be covering not just the current configuration of the infrastructure, but more specifically the parts that are showing some strain and why. This is not just useful for those interested in's stability, but also to those who run their own sites. The problems has are faced by all sites and our solutions can be helpful to all those attempting to scale large Drupal installations. These topics in particular will be:

  1. Squid Configuration
  2. APC Configuration
  3. Expanded Memcache Use/Serving Anonymous Pages From Memcache
  4. CDN Options
  5. NFS File Share - Transitioning to iSCSI
  6. Statistics - Web Stats And Uptime Monitoring
  7. MySQL scalability
  8. Mon/MySQL failover
  9. Expansion Of The Infrastructure Team

New technology

  1. OpenID
  2. MySQL 5.1
  3. Squid3
  4. Increased Caching


Attendees should come away from this session with a clear understanding of where is right now, where I see it going and the issues there in. They should also leave with some ideas and solutions for their own infrastructure.



Narayan Newton & Kieran Lal