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One of the major enhancements made to the Drupal development cycle has been the addition of a fully automated testing bot, built on the testing framework in Drupal 7.

This session will focus on automated testing as it relates to Drupal 7: its history and direction, the automated testing bot: what has gone into it and where the future leads, and most importantly what is the end gain to the Drupal community.


Jimmy Berry
Kieran Lal


Brief discussion of the testing framework, its development history, current status, and direction. An overview of the development of the automated testing framework which can now be seen on The future of the automated testing framework in terms of the exciting enhancements to be made. Finally, the net gain the Drupal community, specifically core developers, will receive.


A better understanding of the goals and ideas behind the implementation of the testing framework in Drupal 7. An appreciation for the automated testing framework and an understanding of the Drupal 7 development workflow as it relates to testing.



Kieran Lal and myself.


The video for this doesn't cover the slides very well. Are the slides available anywhere?