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The Facebook Platform enables Applications which share content with the website. These Apps can be as rich and complex as any website, so Drupal is a natural choice for developing on this platform.

This session introduces the Drupal for Facebook project. Topics include the basics of the Facebook API, differences between Canvas Pages and regular web pages, and authenticating users with Facebook username/password.


Dave Cohen


The Facebook Platform allows us to create applications which tightly integrate with the website. These Applications can write content to a Facebook user's Profile, News Feed, and also Canvas Pages. This content can be as rich and complex as any website, so Drupal is a natural choice for developing on this platform.

This session will introduce the Drupal for Facebook project, and the best ways to use it. We will include a demo of one or more live Facebook Applications powered by Drupal and show some of the basic configuration behind them. And we'll discuss some of the differences between developing for Canvas Pages versus regular web pages.

  • Introduction to the Facebook API
  • Introduction to Drupal for Facebook
  • Canvas Pages, Facebook Connect, and other Facebook APIs
  • Detailed configuration of Facebook Applications
  • FBML (Facebook Markup Language) vs. HTML
  • Authenticating users via Facebook username and password
  • Question and Answer

After this session, attend its companion BoF to jump start your Facebook App development.


This session will give a basic understanding of the Facebook Platform for those new to it. We'll talk about why one might add Facebook components to an existing Drupal-powered website; or build a Facebook App from scratch using Drupal.

We'll also demonstrate how the Drupal for Facebook modules work. Those familiar with Drupal will leave with a sense of how easy (or difficult?) it will be to configure one of these applications.



For a more in-depth technical questions, demo of live sites, etc, come to the BoF on Friday afternoon.

Friday at 1:45 pm in room 140B. Hope to see you then.

This session is scheduled for Thurs afternoon. On Friday, I'll host a BoF for hands-on development and specific questions. So you if you have a Drupal site and want to roll up your sleeves and get technical, come to the BoF. It's a chance to add Facebook Connect login to your site, or similar features.

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