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If you're coming to Drupalcon, don't miss out on the final "sprint" day on Saturday, a chance to sit down with your fellow Drupalistas and share your own contributions to help move Drupal forward!

At Drupalcon Szeged, we divided into several teams, including the documentation team, usability team, testing team, database team, "fields in core" team, and more. This year, we hope to continue in this tradition, so there's something for absolutely everyone, no matter what level of expertise. Pick a team that's talking about something that interests you, or bring your own itch to scratch!


I've never been to something like this before. Do we come with ideas on what we'd like to work on and see if we can form groups?
For instance, I would like to extend Notify/signup to anon users (like kijiji) and am interested in learning the ropes of something like this - or is it predetermined.
Not intending to hijack a discussion - rather get a better idea.
Thanks! I am pretty excited.
See you all on Wednesday AM :)


We are planning a services sprint as part of the over all code sprint. The reason being we have all the maintainers of the module all in the same place :) Anyone interested in lending a hand come and hunt us down!!

For anyone interested, we're also planning on an Ubercart sprint within the Drupal code/documentation sprint time. We'll have the largest gathering of Ubercart users/developers ever and look forward to hacking away on our 2.0 release candidate and on Drupal core with the larger community. : )

I'm trying to make plans for my time in DC... it would be helpful to know when and where this event is occurring so that I don't double-book myself. Thanks!