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We'll be recording almost all of the 100+ sessions at DrupalCon DC. Want to help us do it? If you would like to be PAID to video record sessions at DrupalConDC 2009, please:

  1. Send your contact info to
  • Name (required)
  • Email (required)
  • Cell phone number (optional - so you can be contacted during DrupalCon)
  • Twitter ID (optional - so attendees can be notified when you've uploaded videos)
  1. Sign-up for available shifts:
  1. Review/Print the Video Recording Guide for DrupalConDC2009 - (coming soon...)

WTF? Really? Paid?

That's right. PAID volunteers wanted:


  • 30–60 minutes each
  • 12 videos per day
  • 3 days of video recording


  • Convert to MP2 or MP4
  • Upload to
  • Notify conference attendees of video uploads


  • $100–$200 per day
  • Extra $ for videos uploaded within 48 hours
  • Extra extra $$ for videos uploaded within 24 hours

DrupalCon DC 2009
Washington Convention Center
801 Mount Vernon Pl NW
Washington, DC 20001

March 4 - 6

Add to your resume:

  • Successfully shot 36 instructional videos over 3 days at a 1300 member (sold-out) open-source technology conference
  • Independently converted each video to MP2/MP4 and uploaded to within 24–48 hours of each video shoot
  • Collaborated with a team of 5 other videographers to deliver the complete set of 180 videos within 24–48 hours of conference close

Receive public recognition.

  • Your name will be included with each publicly available video archive of the conference.
  • You will be thanked in-person at the closing session of the conference.
  • You name will be listed at as a conference videographer, so that you may always have a convenient online reference to help further your career.

Have a good time!

  • DrupalCon is a community-run "unconference" of open-source technology enthusiasts.
  • DrupalCon will allow you to meet new people who know how to have fun—both inside and outside of a conference.
  • DrupalCon will challenge you to apply your video recording/encoding/uploading skills at their highest levels.

Earn some much-needed CA$H!

  • Yes! That's up to $600 for 3 days of work!
  • Earn extra $ if you upload each video within 48 hours!
  • Earn a bigger chunk of extra $$ if you upload each video within 24 hours!