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DrupalCon is the bi-annual conference/unconference for Drupal developers and users. It's a time for us to get together, learn from each other, trade ideas, make decisions, and build a stronger community. It's when everyone interested in furthering Drupal get together to discuss where the platform is and where it should move in the future. In short, it's where the decisions are made.

DrupalCon is a chance for developers to share tricks, explain how modules work, and learn from each other. It's an opportunity for open source shops to connect and trade stories, and it's a chance for everyone to meet the people behind the code they rely on and for those developers to meet the people who are using Drupal to meet real world communications needs.

DrupalCon is community run and community powered nonprofit conference. This is partly why the conference is so affordable. The other thanks goes to our sponsors, who subsidize more than half of the total cost of the conference, cutting ticket prices in more than half.

The DC Drupal community is the volunteer force behind organizing this DrupalCon, but the conference itself is truly run by the entire Drupal community. All conference sessions are presented by community members and vetted by the greater community through voting. The community drives what the conference is about, and then leads the charge in seeing it through.

Drupal is one of the strongest and most powerful open source publishing platforms because of the passionate community that support it. This same community is what makes DrupalCon a unique and very fun event.