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A crisp DC-style design, simple front design with "DC" red on Drupal blue ( red also highlights the DC 2009), with a cool drupal logo on the back.


This is the best design. View the larger version. Can I take back my votes on the other shirts?


The back Drupalicon looks a little odd to me.

What about swapping it with either something very simple like the wording
up near the neck or maybe the backside of this other shirt?

JRedding, I really like your idea about swapping the back with the its-all-business shirt

vote for this one! It's way better than these uncreative rags.

It'd be nice if it came in grey, not white.

Personally I love the back - it's an idea that hasn't really been explored before - the reverse druplicon. I don't see what looks odd about it.

this is the best overall. . . something everyone can like :)


Very dull and lifeless.


What insignia said; very boring

Thanks for the votes people. Appreciate it!


Really like this one ! Nice one!