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This shirt is wicked awesome. I totally want one!

Love it!

Voting on this! Too funny.

That's pretty nice. Does anybody know of a good print shop that could produce a good ppu of a double sided t-shirt like this one? I have just done a few t-shirt jobs but this one might be a custom one, in particular with the fitted mark to the neck. I'm working on a Drupal unrelated design that may require something like that.


I don't know that this can be printed for a reasonable cost. I sent it to the people that do our tshirts and they said they could only print below the collar :(


Don't worry folks. The design is now below the collar. It is still all business!! But just a bit lower. Id like thank everyone that has voted and that has yet to vote.


This is absolutely hilarious, I truly hope this becomes the official shirt. If not then you should run take orders at the DC DC and print it :)

This one it´s excellent, but I think it´s not related to the conference...
Maybe is better with some description on it.