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Drupal 7 has seen several changes designed to improve performance. These include the code registry, multiple loading of first class objects and several upcoming patches including refactored pluggable subsystems.

This talk will examine changes already in Drupal 7 and those on the horizon with a focus on database and code weight optimizations.


Nathaniel Catchpole


An overview of:

  • $object_load_multiple() - when to use it, changes in the node, taxonomy, file and user APIs.
  • The code registry - reducing code footprint
  • Pluggable subsystems - caching, paths.
  • Where we need to focus on before release.


You should come away from the session with a firm grasp of performance related changes in Drupal 7, an idea of changes still to come, and where to get stuck in to make Drupal 7 the snappiest release yet.


While this is a technical session, you shouldn't need existing familiarity with Drupal's APIs to get something out of it. But some basic knowledge of PHP and SQL will help.
For background reading see the core issue:


Nathaniel Catchpole (catch)