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Cutting-edge use-cases and complex applications demand that web developers venture beyond that static page-request paradigm. Drupal and jQuery make an ideal platform for breaking out of the Web 1.0 user-experience box, but it's a jungle out there. Josh Koenig of Chapter Three will demonstrate a number of real-world techniques to use when designing and developing truly awesome asynchronous functionality.


Josh Koenig


This talk will cover:

  • Architecting the flow of information
  • Understanding and utilizing Drupal.behaviors and DOM contexts
  • Implementing scalable (and secure) asynchronous http requests
  • The holy grail: effortless asynchronous form submits


The goals of this talk are to give developers and Drupal architects the knowledge they need to build scalable, maintainable, secure "Web 2.0" interactive applications using Drupal.



A PDF of my presentation and the code from my example module is available on ye olde company website:

I'm excited!