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Curious what it takes to run a Drupalcamp? Drupalcamp organizers from the U.S, Europe and around are gathering to discuss what it takes to run a drupalcamp as well as tips, tricks and best practices. We'll cover topics such as costs, venue choices, and how to find your audience. You'll leave this session with the knowledge and tools to hold a successful Drupalcamp.


Jacob Redding
Crystal Williams
Greg Knaddison
Chris Charlton
Blake Hall


A panel of previous Drupalcamp organizers will be start the session off with a brief overview of their experience in running Drupalcamps. They'll then present a common set of tasks that each believes is necessary to run a Drupalcamp (cash requirements, venue requirements, volunteers, etc.). The latter part of the session will be open to audience Q&A.

Panels of Experts

Crystal Williams (crystalwilliams): A ferocious open source organizer Crystal has been a driving force behind Barcamps in Vancouver, Shanghai, and Los Angeles, as well as DrupalCamp Seattle, DrupalCampLA, and DrupalCampLA 2008. She is currently the Vice President, professional services, at WorkHabit, Inc . She can be found on the web at

Greg Knaddison (greggles): Living and working in Denver, Colorado Greg has helped organize the Denver and Boulder Drupal meetups as well as Drupalcamps. A frequent contributer to the Drupal project as well as the community Greg is well versed on what works to keep people engaged and active in the community. He can be found on the web at
Chris Charlton (chrischarlton): One of the organizers of the Los Angeles Drupal user's group and the co-organizer of the highly successful Drupalcamp LA, Chris has been active in the community for many years. He comes to this panel with expertise on growing a community from just a few people meeting irregularly to hosting hundreds of users at a Drupalcamp. He can be found on the web at

Blake hall (blakehall): Blake has been involved as an organizer of BarCamps in Milwaukee and Madison, Madison Drupal Meetups, and DrupalCampWI. He is currently the Senior Web Developer at the Center for Media and Democracy. He can be found on the web at

Eric Goldhagen : A primary organizer of the past 3 NYC DrupalCamps. He is also Co-author of the recent book, "The Organic Internet, Organizing History's Largest Social Movement." As Senior Technologist at the Openflows Community Technology Lab and with a foundation of 20 years of community-centric technology use, Eric brings a uniquely political Free Software centric view to the organizing of Drupal Camps. He can be found on the net at


You'll leave this session with the knowledge and tools to hold a successful Drupalcamp. Although this session is strictly about Drupalcamps you'll also come away with useful tips and tricks for holding a successful Code sprint, jam, or a meetup.


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