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Everyone can join in the documentation sprint. You don't even need to write documentation if you don't want to; we have lots of different tasks from simply reading handbook pages to coding modules. You don't even need to know how to install Drupal! As a matter of fact if you are new to Drupal or an aspect of Drupal (like first time with Views or theming) you are an extra valuable resource and we'd love your help.

While we have lots of ideas lined up to get you started, you can also focus on work that you've wanted to dive into with a supportive group to bounce ideas and ask questions. We'll have plenty of people around to show you the ropes, give guidance, and generally have a good time. Feel free to stop by for as long or short a time as you like and explore a variety of docs work.


Here is a general idea of the kinds of things we'll be tackling, but we certainly aren't limited to this list:
* Read-through reviews: great for newbies to learn and help at the same time
* Copy-editing: good old-fashioned text cleanup
* Adding screenshots: find places where images would help and get them added to the page
* Rolling comments: adding information from comments back into the parent page
* Reviewing incomplete pages: fill out incomplete/stub pages
* Code review: check for standards compliance and security on code samples
* Testing: for both code and tutorials/howtos - do they actually work?
* Version upgrades: tutorials, admin UI pages, as well as code
* Issue queue maintenance: see if issues are still valid, review drafts, mark duplicates, etc.
* Code for docs-related contrib modules (e.g. book access, term message, API modules, etc.)
* Work on core patches that effect documentation


Where will the sprint be held?

The sprints are all happening at the conference center. The doc sprint will be in Room 154, and we will also be online in IRC on #drupal-docs (on the freenode network).