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Drupal excels at building social networks. I'll be diving into some of the theory behind what makes social networks tick plus demoing a large social network based on Organic Groups we're building at BYU.


Kyle Mathews


  • Introduce the key principles for understanding social networks -- expect to see chaos, social objects, social gestures, ego and object centric networks, and communities of practice.
  • Discuss the five key principles for building successful social networks.
  • Demo the site including a new memetracker-like tool which identifies the hottest discussions within sections of the site or the the site as a whole.
  • Discuss how social networks like Island are the future of learning.
  • Future plans -- I'll present a few of the ideas we're planning to implement in the next few months.


That people will walk away with a better understanding of social networks and a decent idea of how to go about building one in Drupal.


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