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Search Lucene API is an interface for modules to index and search content using a Lucene backend. Search Lucene API integrates the Zend Framework's Zend_Search_Lucene component to provide a native PHP implementation of the Apache Lucene project.


Chris Pliakas

This module is an extension of the core Search API so that sites can seamlessly transition to a more advanced search, and developers can create Search Lucene API modules on top of a familiar framework. By combining two of the best open source PHP projects available to date, an advanced, extensible search is available to Drupal caffeine free.


Introduction to Search Lucene API
* What is Lucene?
-- Overview, capabilities, and query syntax
--Search demonstration using the Search Lucene Content module.
* Goals, benefits, and philosophy of the Search Lucene API module
* The Zend Framework's Zend_Search_Lucene component
-- Brief introduction to ZF
-- Review the required PHP 5 and object oriented language constructs required to merge ZF with Drupal
-- Terminology
Using Search Lucene API
* Installation of Search Lucene API and Search Lucene Content
-- Drupal's license policy
-- Requirements
* Administrative panel
-- Explanation of options
-- Recommended settings for development and production environments
* Using Search Lucene Content to index your website.
Extending Search Lucene API
* Creating a Search Lucene API module using Search Lucene Content as an example
-- Core search hooks
-- hook_luceneapi_index() and hook_luceneapi_result()
-- Adding administrative settings
* Maintaining indexes programaticaly
-- Adding and removing documents
-- Executing the search
* Interacting with Search Lucene API modules
-- Adding identifiers with hook_luceneapi_document_alter()
-- Implementing the facet API
-- Other query and document hooks
Advanced usage and limitations
* Using Drush to manage the indexes
-- Index maintenance commands
-- Informational commands
* Limitations
-- Indexes on NFS volumes
-- Lack of and SMP solution
-- Resource usage and management
* Search Lucene API roadmap
-- Goals
-- Future projects
* Q&A


Provide an overview of Lucene searching and give attendees insight into the inner workings of the Search Lucene API module. After attending this session, administrators will know how to install, configure, and manage Search Lucene API modules, and developers will know how to implement the API and create facets available to other Lucene modules.


Chris Pliakas
Chris is an engineer and systems administrator at CommonPlaces eSolutions,
LLC in Hampstead, New Hampshire, and is the author of the Lucene API module. He is an open source enthusiast who has been building Internet applications with Drupal for a little over a year. Chris is a Zend certified PHP 5 Engineer, a certified MySQL 5 developer and administrator, and holds a Linux Professional Institute Level 1 certification. In future projects, Chris hopes to integrate the Zend Framework into Drupal and move bring the more advanced language constructs PHP 5 has to offer into the Drupal community.

Erich Beyrent
Erich has 11 years experience in web technologies, specializing in open-source solutions and application integration. He has worked in both the private and higher education sectors, and led the team that built, an environmentally-themed social networking and education site. Erich is the author of the Permissions API module.

Mike Machnik
Prior to joining CommonPlaces, Mike worked as a Software Engineer at Cabletron/Aprisma for 9 years where he combined his "traditional" software engineering background with his knowledge of web applications development while working on a client-server enterprise network management system written in C and C++. As a member of our Engineering department, Mike is responsible for developing the functionality of website and application projects including CMS (Drupal) and e-Commerce systems. He holds an MS, Computer Science, from Boston University, Boston, MA and a BS, Computer Science, Merrimack College, Andover, MA. Mike has over 13 years extensive experience developing, testing, and maintaining large-scale distributed Client-server applications. He has developed applications for Clients in the creative industry using PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML and Javascript at InTouch by Design, including electronic routing & approval and project management systems. As a consultant, Mike created content administration systems for several clients including local arts group and an NCAA Division I college hockey conference, the latter entailing a PHP/MySQL scoreboard management system and the ability to make information available to wireless devices using WML.

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