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As a follow-up from Thursday's nonprofit/community organizing BoF, this session will be for folks to present particularly innovative Drupal nonprofit websites, as well as useful Drupal modules for nonprofits. Friday, 12:30 to 1:30pm, Room 156

Nonprofit Drupal case studies
The focus will be on information and techniques that will be useful to nonprofits and nonprofit Drupal developers. Come ready to show off that awesome website you built for a nonprofit -- and try to give as much "takeaway" information in 5 minutes as you're willing to disclose about how you built it.
Modules useful to nonprofits
If you've used particular modules that you find useful for nonprofits to advance their missions, keep in touch with their constituencies and allies, raise money, and engage more people in their work, come give a 5-minute summary of it!

To try to fit as many of these in as possible, let's keep each presentation to 5 minutes. If we have extra time at the end, we can have more open discussion time.

If you already know something you want to present on, leave a comment here or Twitter @rootwork -- but walk-in presentations are also welcome. :) Room 156 should have a projector available for hooking up your laptop.


For those who can't make it to this, I'm going to do my best to take notes from anything that's presented. I'll Tweet it out on #drupalcon afterwards.

Don't forget to add yourself to the Drupal nonprofit signup page -- -- if you're interested in this topic, even if you can't make it to this particular BoF.


Here are my notes -- feel free to add yours, and those who presented, feel free to comment with additions (or corrections) and/or links. Sorry I didn't capture presenters' names and companies, but again, feel free to comment with these.
defaults to US national, can localize based on zip code entry
all site nav is through taxonomy rather than menus
development of the term_tree.module, available in CVS
slideshow is pure flash
used organic groups and google maps
big focus was on facilitating ability to communicate between student chapters (previously had been done only through emailed PDF forms
"Rapid Responder" feature -- via Collactive plugin. [to see more about how this was used, see Collactive's case study. --ivan/rootwork]
reporting through webforms -- a simple tech solution that had big organizational value
map with exposed filters to find partners
using google charts for analytics
would like to know if anyone has suggestions for methods to direct emails based on cck field queries
15-16 content types, taxonomy to try to organize web of info (mission pillars, projects, offices)
fundraising tripled! became
"you can set up a site, but you can't control what people will do with it.
would like guidance on navigation
forum.module looked ugly and non-intuitive, so coupled it with views
selective translation, had hacked stuff in Drupal 5 but using D6 and localization
organic groups home page is a map of local groups; group home pages are map of local nodes (the green map)
great use of views, comments through the GMap modal windows (try clicking on some of the map items)
used the L10 translation interface