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After we have the formal talk, we will have an informal BoF to talk about a roadmap and our goals for Apache Solr module development and features.

Topics will likely include:

  • Code refactoring and API improvements
  • RSS feeds of search results
  • OG integration
  • Project module integration and other uses on
  • User interface improvements
  • Ways to make it easier to tune boost parameters
  • your topic here

your topic here

I have one!

"Ways to improve the relevancy of search results based on other things than the matching alone (number of links, popularity of the content, etc.)"

I talked to peter about the possibility of my univ (Tecnológico de Monterrey) collaborating with some testing to be done by students.

Ideas include:
* doing usability testing for general issues like facets, MLT, sorting, etc.
* come up with some suggested settings for weights and biasing, for a common website. In our case, options include analyzing our Knowledge Hub (a directory of links to Open Educational Resources) and also a Library Catalog. Both contain under 30k items, both have nodes with under 1-3k characters, and little or no comments.

However, since both sites are running D5, someone would have to backport the module first. =|

So, is this a topic? =)

I would want to talk about the future of attachment indexing, solr side vs. server side, etc.

Also looking forward to putting faces to usernames. :)

I'm trying to spot a time in the schedule where I'm not dying to hear 1 (or 2 or 3) of the sessions.

Possible times for me


Post a comment if you feel a need to veto one of these times, or to strongly suggest a different time.

I'm leaning towards Thurdsay at 10:15 (i.e. during that keynote) - what's are your preferences?

I feel the same; I want to go to everything else too =) But this sounds acceptable.

Dries says he expects that keynote to far out-deliver it's descriptions, so Jacob and I are now leaning towards Friday at 3:45.