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The t-shirt contest is your chance to design the official DrupalCon DC t-shirt and score a free ticket to the conference. You can submit as many design ideas as you'd like, so let your creativity loose. We do ask that you follow a few basic guidelines.

  1. Your design must include the words "DrupalCon DC" and should be inspired by Drupal and incorporate elements home to Washington, DC.
  2. Your design must be original and cannot contain any copyright material.
  3. Your design should contain a maximum of four (4) colors (plus the shirt color), but of course can contain less.
  4. Please submit your design in a web friendly format. If you win, we'll get a high quality file from you.
  5. We encourage you to submit as many designs as you'd like, but please submit each on separately. Be sure to include your name and contact information on each one too.

Also, we do reserve the right to make adjustments to the winning design. But we'll of course talk to you about it first.

Good luck!