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Nothing says "Washington DC" like a nod to secret societies! Or maybe it's an anti-establishment statement? You be the judge! Plus, a Jolly Roger Druplicon is just plain funny. :)

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How is it possible that this design was submitted today (23 minutes in the future) and already has way more votes than any other design? Something's fishy here.

Ummm...because it's better than every other design? Dumbass.

There's no need to act like a sarcastic 13-year-old.

But I'm afraid I won't vote for it. Too disconnected from the venue - "nod to secret societes" not-withstanding. At the moment it looks like you'll win though. Good luck.

"Developers are pirates" theme is way too '80s. Sorry

Not even blue

A Druplicon that's not even blue :( and this has hardly anything to do with Washington DC...

This is surely a hack I can bet over it :D
No ways it is getting any votes and how come in last 6-7 days its votes are not increasing at all ;)

chx: I don't think it's important that the Druplicon be blue all of the time. It's a mascot, not a brand, so it's open to various interpretations.

My only critique of the Drupalicon is that it's used everywhere.

sumitk would lose that bet. Consider the power of advertising before placing your next bet.

this rules

This is the most original design here, bar none. Refano, the answer to your question is simple: you live in a black friggin' hole.

Unless I missed that Bon Jovi is playing DrupalCon.

Don't really like it. Skull and crossbones on a black shirt? How cliche.

I wouldn't wear it, and I'm thinking comment #1 is worth looking into. User IDs on the "defensive line" of supportive commenters are close enough together that I'd love to get the votes verified by someone w/ admin/DB access. But maybe another shirt will just win or the votes won't be the final decider anyways and I needn't worry. : )

What about the idea that maybe someone said "please vote for this design cause my friend could use the support"?

I just tried and it's oh so easy to create additional random fake accounts to drive up the votes on these T's. While I don't want to take away from a legitimate win if that is the case, but I sincerely doubt anything positive is going on here.

I also find it quite amusing that the only folks on this thread defending the T all have profiles that aren't filled out. Highly suspect.

Good point. It is quite easy to open an account just to vote. I did it.

However, this is my only account, and I voted for the one I like the best.

Someone MUST be hacking the system, it's impossible they could have that many friends willing to help!

I am a ro bot

beep beep boop auto-vote submitted.

end of line.


I would not wear this either.


The sour grapes are downright foul here. What a bunch of spoiled brats.

Dark & has nothing to do w/DC. Reminds me of my days at the Apple Pirate fests in Boston back in the early 80s. Yes, I dated myself :)

Overall, the shirt's just awful and I hope it doesn't win. Otherwise it's going right to the Salvation Army, where most likely, someone who doesn't even know what Drupal is will be wearing it (therefore losing the "spread the message" incidental effect of wearing these things).

Anyway, I hope we can perhaps restrict the voting to users who actually have purchased tickets to attend DrupalCon, not people who just have accounts on this site. I'd like to see what those numbers would be...

I stopped wearing ugly black heavy metal concert tees when I was 15.

What's the point of filling out a profile for this event? It's sold out and I have no chance of scoring a ticket or financing a trip to D.C. (I still voted though--oops!).
I'll save up for the Europe Drupalcon, thx (crosses fingers for Paris).

People complaining about exclusivity and restrictions for an open-source contest featuring and open-source logo for and open-source event. huh.
Nowhere have I found any rules governing the perceived affronts to this contest. Nothing outlawing non-attendee voting, nothing outlawing leaving one's profile blank. Perhaps this loophole will be corrected by the organizers for future events, but for now, I say give the man his ticket.
His design may not be print-worthy, but he certainly deserves kudos for marketing his idea. Somewhere--though not here--it apparently has gotten enough attention to bring curious people to this site and vote. So now that many more people know about Drupal. Conceivably, they may even become users themselves in the future. "There is no such thing as bad publicity", after all.

That this design has taken the lead for so long over entries that look like somebody must have spent hours laboring over; I find quite hilarious. Better luck next time.

People wanting to place restrictions on an open contest for an open-source event is the epitome of hypocrisy. "We love things being open to all..... except when we disagree with people or don't like their ideas"

I really hope this entry wins now - Go Frost Go

this was written by a bot


I do think something is fishy with the timestamping of my original post, because I obviously cannot have votes that predate the post itself. While my entry did have many votes the first day, they weren't "within seconds" of posting the design. There is no way I could have personally manipulated this... I'm a designer, not a cracker.

I posted this design because I'm like a lot of you: a guy whose employer failed to get me a ticket before they sold out. I really, really want to attend this convention. I consider it a training opportunity as I'm eager to learn more about Drupal module development and to meet a few people that are involved with the projects I subscribe to.

I'm flattered so many people like my design. If you're among those who don't think it's funny then don't vote for it. But please understand that this is a legitimate entry. I did not cheat, rig, or hack this in any way. (I wouldn't know how.)

And, like the rest of you, I'm curious when this contest is supposed to end. Whether my entry is the most popular or not, surely the winning design needs some printing lead time, and the winner needs to make travel plans with their convention ticket. I was under the impression that this contest runs the month of January, but ANY indication of an actual deadline does not currently appear anywhere on this site. Perhaps future contests will make the official rules public, not just the design guidelines.

At any rate, best of luck to everyone.

I like a convention shirt you can actually wear after the con is over. If I wanted safe, I would have registered for Joomla-Con! ;)

I vote for this one!