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Code & Development

Cutting-edge use-cases and complex applications demand that web developers venture beyond that static page-request paradigm. Drupal and jQuery make an ideal platform for breaking out of the Web 1.0 user-experience box, but it's a jungle out there. Josh Koenig of Chapter Three will demonstrate a number of real-world techniques to use when designing and developing truly awesome asynchronous functionality.


Josh Koenig


This talk will cover:

  • Architecting the flow of information
  • Understanding and utilizing Drupal.behaviors and DOM contexts
  • Implementing scalable (and secure) asynchronous http requests
  • The holy grail: effortless asynchronous form submits



In this workshop we will share easy ways to begin with module development, highlighting some simple ways to integrate with Drupal. We will start from some basic hooks, and point out security, localization and internationalization best practices. Drupal might look intimidating at first, but you'll learn that starting off your first modules is a breeze.


Gábor Hojtsy

If you develop with the community agreed best practices, you'll see that rolling forward is much easier then just making up your own rules on the way, so we will show some best practices developed through the past.

You will hopefully walk away with an understanding of some of the fundamental integration possibilities in Drupal, such as the menu system, blocks, forms and emails.


Video at

Drupal's database layer has undergone a major overhaul in Drupal 7 to take advantage of new and powerful features in PHP 5. The new system includes over a dozen new features, from a query builder in core to support for Master/slave replication. As with most major overhauls, however, that means API changes. This session will cover the challenges of database abstraction, Drupal's approach, and how to fully leverage the new system in your own code and sites.


Larry Garfield

Drupal 7 will feature a newly rewritten database layer providing improved database abstraction, portability, and scalability features. This session will cover the thinking and architecture behind the new layer, with an eye toward understanding how it fits into the larger scheme of high-performance Drupal sites.


This session is made for folks that are new to coding in general or new to Drupal coding in particular. We'll start off with some basic discussion about working with Drupal as a framework and what that even means. Then we will go through an overview of how Drupal's framework is set up and the various APIs and systems you can work with.


Addison Berry

This is specifically targeted at people who do not know what FAPI or a "hook" is and are trying to wrap their head around these new concepts. We'll finish up with community resources to help you on your coding journey. There will be no actual coding - this is a conceptual overview and tour to give context to further work with Drupal code. The only prerequisite is a curious mind.