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SMS technology has been around for over decade. Isn't it about time we start using it for something useful? We want to give mobile users the ability to communicate with our Drupal sites–no smartphone required. The SMS Framework will now allow you to build robust solutions for mobile data collection with very small amount of custom code.


Will White


  • Rent a shortcode in the United States
  • Configure a third-party gateway service with your shortcode
  • Write custom message processing code for the SMS Framework

Hey there -

I was the one at this session who at the end mentioned the free DOTGO service for interacting with your site via SMS. Today, I was able to get a -dev branch of code up for 6x which will basically allow you to create engine modules which will let you process incoming data and spit what you want back at the mobile device.

Feedback welcome!

Sadly I had to miss this session, but could you possibly post a presentation or related resources?