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Most people use word processors to create documents, so Drupal's plain text approach to content creation can be hard to get used to. This session looks at ways your users can format content in Drupal without getting HTML grime under their fingernails. We will talk about rich-text editors, natural-language syntaxes such as Markdown, and the XML-RPC gateway.


Dan Kurtz


The session will explore and compare alternatives to the plain-text boxes Drupal uses to create content. These alternatives fall into 3 groups:

  • Rich text editors such as TinyMCE
  • Natural-language syntaxes such as Markdown
  • Desktop clients using the XML-RPC gateway.


By the end of the session, site administrators should have a good grasp of the different ways to make content creation in Drupal more user-friendly.


Hey Dan! Sun has been rockin' hardcore. Will you be demoing it at this session? You might want to bring him on board to co-present with you.

Also, got the chance to meet Alonza yesterday at the New York meetup. He's a great guy!

WYSIWYG seemed a bit abstract when I first heard about it. But after working with Sun and rolling YUI Rich Text Editor into the mix I'm begining to see just how powerful this API really is.

The ability to switch RTE on the fly is awesome.