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Quality Assurance is Good for Business.

Drupal makes it easy to add powerful features to sites, whether through standard tools (CCK, Views, Panels 2, etc.) or through hand-coded extensions. Sophisticated modules and themes can provide great advantage or great frustration to the end user. We'll discuss some standard and not-so-standard techniques that help ensure the delivery of quality Drupal sites that are a joy to use.


Fen Labalme
Nathaniel Catchpole


We'll touch on Selenium and Simpletest, but those tools are covered in greater depth in other sessions. Our goal is to take a more holistic approach, covering such topics as:

  • Why is spending time (and money) on quality assurance good for business?
  • Using source code control and multisite effectively to manage Development, QA and Live sites
  • The importance of client-generated User Stories as additional functional specification for development and as success criteria during testing
  • When are simpletests - and other regression testing frameworks - an essential part of development?
  • What forms of documentation help ensure the success of a project?
  • What is the cost of using modules that are new to a developer?
  • How should the custom vs. generic (and contributed back) code choice be made, and what are it's impacts on long term quality?
  • What are some specific pitfalls that Drupal has that should be avoided? (And how can they be implemented in a safe way?)


The basic goal is to raise awareness and share tools and techniques that will improve the quality of Drupal-based development.



Fen Labalme and Nathaniel Catchpole have spent years working to improve the quality of the sites they work on. We plan to invite another two or three key people to participate in this open round-table discussion.