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PFT is an Agile tool to develop web applications with Drupal. Built with commonly used modules such as CCK, Views, and Organic Groups, it is both a construction kit and a staging ground for best practices. Business objects are translated into roles and user stories, mapped onto a selection of Drupal modules, and then planned as a self-documenting list of tasks assigned to various iterations, with issue and acceptance test tracking and integration with version control and other staging tools.


Victor Kane

*** Edit Mar 5 2009: Slides now uploaded attached to this page ***

Online demo site Now open for business objects! Login, then click on the Project Flow & Tracker project.

  • User: drupal
  • Password: rocks

Check out PFT as a project itself!

Look around the project, roles, user stories, release and iteration elements (initial on-line help is up)

Very detailed log "the making of" the demo site

Track progress of PF&T at


  • An overview of the project and iteration workflows
  • Expressing the business model with meme maps
  • From business model to listing the user roles
  • Listing the user stories for each role
  • Lexical analysis of the user stories to reveal the domain
  • From domain model to Drupal architecture and module selection
  • Using the modules that come with PFT as a starting point to model the webapp
  • Prototyping the design and information architecture with Drupal itself
  • Test driven implemention of user stories
  • Real world example using the PFT
  • Getting started with the PFT


The aim of the talk is to present and place in the hands of Drupal developers and users a framework they can download and use to build website applications using a workflow capable of answering the following questions in a practical manner:

  • How do you know what the client wants?
  • How do you know that what you are doing is what the client wants?
  • How do you prototype in Drupal?
  • How does the prototype become the webapp?

At the same time, the presentation marks the second generation of the Drupal application presented at Barcelona DrupalCon Barcelona 2007, in a much more usable and functional version.


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