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Each Drupal site is filled with opportunities to reach out and contact users. System messages, content notifications, mass mailings and newsletters, or online discussions and and two-way relays. This talk describes available solutions for sending, receiving, and tracking messages sent through a Drupal site for any purpose.


Allie Micka
Jeremiah Davis


It's challenging for a site administrator to configure and unify outgoing and incoming email communications, and even more challenging for users to control the flow of information into their inbox. This talk details solutions for sending and receiving messages from a Drupal site. You can send scalable mass mailings to tens of thousands of subscribers or and targeted messages to sub-groups. Or you an allow your visitors to subscribe to information when it appears on the site or send updates to each other.

By using site-wide solutions, you can maintain consistency of theming and configuration while making your life - and your visitor's lives - a whole lot easier. Provide a consistent interface for opt-in and subscription preferences, and track the delivery to understand what is getting sent out and for which reasons.


This session will provide an overview of tools and solutions to manage:
* Mass mailings that scale to tens of thousands of people
* Interoperating with outside services and lists
* Targeted delivery to sub-groupings of contacts
* Viral messaging between visitors
* Real-time round-trip mail handling for discussion lists and online community
* Scheduled updates and subscriptions
* HTML messaging, theming and configurations setting
* Message and node tracking to determine which content is reaching people and how they respond


Allie Micka, a longtime contributing developer and senior programmer at Advantage Labs
Jeremiah Davis, contributing developer and programmer at Advantage Labs