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This will be an in depth discussion and tutorial session on how to integrate Flash applications with Drupal CMS. By combining these two technologies together, you can easily create dynamic websites that are not only rich in user interface, but also content. This session will describe the best techniques and practices for integrating Flash technology with the power and flexibility of Drupal.


Travis Tidwell


Understanding Drupal Services.
Creating a Flash Application to connect and read data from Drupal.
Expanding the Flash content using CCK.
Working with Drupal multimedia files in Flash.
Working with Drupal Views in Flash


An in depth knowledge of how Drupal and Flash interact, as well as the necessary tools to building your very own Flash applications for Drupal CMS.


What resources related to you session should people be aware of?


Travis has posted the source files and slides on his site:

Thanks Travis!

I am working with a group of students who have just built their first Drupal sites. Now we are working with Flash and Flex so the integration of the Flash with Drupal is perfect. I will pass a link to the video on to the students. I am thirding the request for slides.

I'm seconding the request for slides or video. I was there, but you went way too fast for note down crucial code.

This seems so interesting. Are you going to publish lecture notes? I will not be able to make the talk. I have to leave drupalcon early for a funeral :(


Hello everyone,

Sorry for the late reply. All lecture notes and code examples can be found at...