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Drush is a command line and scripting interface to Drupal and has a growing community of modules that allow you to rapidly provision, maintain and develop Drupal sites. Drush takes a many-step task and replaces it with a single command - e.g. "drush pm update" will find the latest stable versions of each site module from the, propose any updates, back up the old versions, download the new versions and unpack. This session will get you started and productive with this great tool.


Moshe Weitzman
Owen Barton


  • Introduction to Drush - what and why
  • Setting up Drush on your system
  • Examples of Drush in action
  • The Drush API - writing your own stuff
  • The future of Drush


This session is for anyone with an interest in becoming more productive with provisioning, maintaining or developing Drupal sites. Some basic command line experience (e.g. editing and setting file permissions) will make things easier to follow, and access to a unix based shell environment will be useful if you want to play along on your laptop.

At the end of the session, participants should be able to get Drush installed and running, be able to use it on their sites and have a general understanding of how it could be extended.



  • Moshe Weitzman - Drupal contributor, Drush maintainer and owner/developer at Cyrve
  • Owen Barton - Drupal contributor, Drush co-maintainer and Engineering group lead at CivicActions

Check out for an example website that takes the services the great Drupal tool( Drush that is..) has to offer, a step further.

About DrupalMashUp..
This site comes to the aid of experienced Drupal developers who have discovered that they rely on much the same collection of modules for a particular type of site. Once you've mashed up your collection you can view the generated drush commands and/or download the (UNIX shell) script.