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Core drupal members already host code sprints to get lots of work done for Drupal. For this session, we will discuss how to take this model of working into the non-profit sector.

If you work for a non-profit, educational institution, or other non-commercial project -- organizing a code sprint might be a great way to get real work done for your organization's drupal-based web site.

If you are newer to drupal and open-source, code sprints are a really different way to work than the more 'traditional' way of working as a lonely contractor, or as web staff in a small department.

Organizing code sprints might also be a good way to meet up and work with drupal people in your area. The idea is that having a real project to work on, for a 'good cause' will provide a good opportunity to get to know other drupallers in your community.

For this session, we would like to invite people who have already organized code sprints, to discuss how practical the sprints are. The goal of the session would be to:

  • feature some code sprints that have happened recently
  • describe the kind of work that happens at a code sprint
  • discuss what it might take to accomplish programming goals in a short period of time (who should attend? can you have a range of talents? how many hours?)
  • discuss pros and cons of code sprints -- what kinds of situations are they good for?
  • how to make code sprints win-win for everyone (drupal, drupallers (adv/int/beginner), local communities & the actual project receiving work)

Not necessarily related -- there are also code marathons for communities - we might be able to showcase some code marathons to talk about getting work out there for smaller organizations.

If anyone is interested in discussing these more -- please post here. If there isn't enough interest for this as a session, we can just meet up as BoF or start a thread on g.d.o. and hope this picks up interest by next year!


I second this idea. There have been several sprints to date, but I suspect each have been handled in their own, idiosyncratic ways. What I'd love to see come out of this session is a small book on how how organize and host a sprint.

Definitely interested!

Definitely interested in Code Sprints as a way to share approaches to good development and to meet people within the Drupal community.