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My wife will be joining me at Drupalcon this year. We used to live in DC until recently and as it happens, she used to be a zoo tour guide at the National Zoo. If anyone is particularly interested in primates, she can give you a brief tour with more info.

Note that this is not an official National Zoo tour (not anymore) and is not endorsed or sponsored by the zoo. It's just an informal tour given by a primate fanatic and former officially-trained National Zoo volunteer.

Post a response if you'd be interested in this!


Just a note: I've had two folks from DC not affiliated with Drupalcon contact me with interest in this. And with the new baby gorilla having recently been born, this will be a lot of fun. So, in short, we're still interested in doing this!

were planning on going to the zoo but that will be this week before the conference (when im sending the Queen home) so we will head up to the zoo sometine this week (22 feb - 27 feb)

What a great idea! I'd be interested. I'm not sure what date you had in mind, but Friday would be best for me.

I think she's leaning towards Thursday now... how does that work for everyone (during the day)? But Friday could work as well. Just need more input from more folks who are interested.

Either day sounds good here... maybe whatever day has better weather?

Unfortunately Thursday doesn't work for me. I've got to work in my room. :-( If it's Friday, count me in though!

Weather's not bad, so looks like today's the day. If you're interested, meet near registration after lunch and Michelle will take you to the zoo.

She worked registration yesterday, so you might recognize her -- she'll be the one today not wearing any kind of Drupal shirt.