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So we talked about this last night on DrupalMAO and we're slightly distraught that Watchmen is coming out during the Con... so let's get everyone together to figure out where to go and see if we can't rent out a whole theater!

What night is best for everyone? Opening?

What is the best theater to go to?

Can we getta link to fandango or something?


is it wrong to retweet within a forum post? ;)

Retweeting @drupalcon @heyrocker there's a regal movie theater in chinatown a few blocks from DrupalCon, and E street theater's nearby for indie/foreign movies

First show! I'll accept nothing less!

that would be pretty sweet :)

I'm interested in tagging along as well.

Just confirmed I'll be in DC at this time. So count me in.

Is it wrong that we'll be only a few blocks from some real national treasures and we're going to a movie?
I hope not because I really want to see this movie!


blue geeks go watch blue man. :D

Please let me know any details may be a bunch of us from Sony that will be down :)


Oh yes

Count me in!

Count us in, anytime

People still doing this? Should we arrange some sort of group buy so that everyone can get tickets?


fandango still has tickets for 12:02am at the Regal Gallery Place Stadium 14

It's in IMAX too! I am probably going during Sunday. Anybody?

Just bought tickets to IMAX AMC Hoffman at Swamp Box Rd. in Alexandria (on Blue metro line).

Sunday 6:15pm. you can buy them too at

Want to go friday night after the closing session @7. Here's a Link to fandango ticket sale for 7:00 pm.