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For lack of a better forum (i.e. general social events forum), I wanted to get a thread going here to coordinate the DC Uberdinner. Last year we had a killer time getting folks building Ubercart sites (and folks who just wanted to hang out) together for a yummy Ethiopian dinner in Boston, and we're looking to do it again. This time we'll try a little advance preparation in terms of calling ahead so the restaurant doesn't freak out when a large group of people shows up.

As we're still waiting for the announcements about the official Drupalcon social events, we'll pick a day shortly. Andy is working on the venue. If you care to join us, feel free to post up in here so we can be sure to reserve a fair amount of tables.

See ya there!


It seems that unfortunately I will be unable to attend Drupalcon as my company was slow to buy tickets and we now found out they are all gone. I can't begin to describe how disappointed I was to hear this but at least I can hang out with everyone afterward (I'll be the guy you see out the window pacing back and forth waiting for the day to be over).

DC has great Ethiopian restaurants and I can always use an excuse to go out to one. I'll be more than happy to be a guide.

Awesome. : ) Will be sure to post up a date/venue A.S.A.P. so you can plan on meeting us. Based on yesterday's blog post, it seems like you still might be able to get in... don't give up yet!

Alrighty, based on the latest news post, I'm thinkin' Thursday will be a good evening for the Uberdinner. Anyone with a strong reason to make it Friday evening should speak up now... : )

good idea

I love the U Street corridor, but Queen of Sheba on 9th st is a solid hole-in-the-wall Ethiopian restaurant walking distance from the convention

I know DC has great ethiopian. The one at the top of this list might be a good choice.

I'm in!

I missed last year's get-together, so I'm definitely up for this one.

Count me in

Mascaram is great, but small. They have an upstairs that can probably be taken over by the group, but I would definitely have a coordinator call ahead! It's a lot of small table.

I'm looking forward to learning more about ubercart and what it can do in Drupal 6.x.


I'll take any excuse to eat Ethiopian food, and I even use Ubercart! :-)

Exactly which restaurant is this event occurring?

The post detailing the Uberdinner is