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We've heard from some people that they'd love to come to DrupalCon, but it's just a bit too expensive for them right now. We've also heard from a bunch of other people and companies who want to help Drupal community members make it to the conference. So, we wanted to connect to you. If you need financial support to come to DrupalCon, post it here along with some info about yourself. If you want to sponsor someone to come to DrupalCon, post that here too.


Hi Everybody :-)

My name's Alex and I'm an 24 year old recent college grad living in Orlando, FL. I've been using Drupal for about 2 years and I've loved it from the start. I first started using it because I needed a way to flexibly publish and display content for a hobby site of mine. After all the research I did, Drupal was the obvious choice.

I was amped about DrupalCon DC as soon as it was announced, but could not afford the registration since I lost my job in 2008. As you can imagine, I was very excited to hear about the possibility of a sponsorship to DrupalCon. It has been really rough but I've managed to stay afloat as best as I can doing freelance web development gigs here and there. The opportunity to attend this conference would be just what I need to take my Drupal and web development skills to the next level.

Like the subject line says, I'd be extremely grateful to any kind person or company that would like to sponsor me. It would truly be the experience of a lifetime!

Thanks for your consideration, and I hope to see you all at the conference!


I just wanted to post a quick follow-up note to say thank you to Dave and the entire Media Current team for the opportunity to go to DrupalCon DC this March. I am extremely excited. I hope to be able to give back to the Drupal community in a similar way one day.

See you in DC!

Edit: I definitely can't make it without a sponsor - even if I max out my credit cards I'm still short, I'm afraid. I really can't afford to do that, either! However, I will throw into the bargain - one night of my fine Indian cookery skills at home for a lucky winner! Form an orderly queue :)

I have my DCon ticket already, but I've still not booked a flight, although I think I have some accommodation sorted. Basically, I'm willing to do whatever I can to help someone out in exchange for a bit of financial assistance - otherwise the trip is going to involve me getting into hefty credit card debt!

So if you want some help promoting your company, I'll hand out promotional material, wear your shirt, whatever - you can even have the shirt off MY back if necessary. I'll happily mention you in any blog posts I do (which I generally do from the conferences) and you can have my eternal gratitude, plus any other favours I can do to help you out.

I'm hoping to get together with all the US/Canadian people who never make it to Europe - it's been two years or more, there's a lot of people I need to thank! Plus, I'm viewing this as a special opportunity to get some work done, and give as much back that I know as I can (whether this is helpful or not, I don't know!)

Any assistance would be very gratefully received.

Nik -

get a hotel room - im gonna check with my hotel if i can get a double room
but you gonna wear the wig ;)


Balls to it, I'm coming anyway.