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In my travels I like to take in hockey games where I can, especially when I can scratch an NHL rink off of the "to-visit" list.

NOTE GAME CHANGE On Tuesday March 3 at 7:00, the Capitals will be hosting the Carolina Hurricanes at the Verizon Center (601 F St NW), which is about 6 blocks from the Convention Center. (We were unable to get tickets for Thursday's game against the Leafs)

I plan on attending this game, assuming my DrupalCon plans come together, and perhaps some other hockey fans among us would like to see the game as well. Reduced rates are offered for groups of 15 or more, so there's a chance to save a few dollars if we have enough interest.


I'd be interested in 2 tickets at least. Thanks for heading this up, Joshua :-)

I'd love to join in! I would only need one ticket.



I'll be there and will cheer for the Capitals. Despite the fact that I am a Canadian.

You can count one ticket for me.

Count Me in

I Would love to go. I, too, as a Canadian, will be cheering for the Caps.

Count me in

Put me down for 2 tix, will be fun.

Okay, my trip to DrupalCon has been approved, so I'm good to formally organize this now. I'll give a call to the Capitals next week to find out about getting a block of seats together. I figure on getting the $35 seats, as that's a pretty accessible price. Anyone who wants a ticket can then PayPal me the money ahead of time and I'll look after buying the whole block of seats at one time. I will send messages to those who have signed up here on where to PayPal the money to.

Looking forward to hanging out with you guys and taking in the hockey game!

Have you ordered tickets yet? Is it too late to get in on this?

No, it's not too late. I'll have some more details tomorrow and will post information here. I'll also set a deadline as to when I'm going to actually purchase the tickets.

Damn this would have been perfect both Drupal and NHL (NHL looks a lot funnyer than the danish league) ! :)
But i didnt get a ticket for Drupalcon :( I was not fast enough. DAMN!!!

Butt still looking for a way to go! so hopfully i will get a chance to watch the NHL! and join the Drupalcon

Ok, I will buy tickets for those wanting to sit in a block of seats together for the Caps game. For mezzanine end seats, the price (including service fees) is $41.40 USD, but I'm going to round up to $42 USD to cover a some of the PayPal transaction costs. If you want me to get a seat for you, you must PayPal the money for your ticket to by next Friday (February 6), at which time I will buy our tickets.

I'll try to search out those who have commented on this message to provide you with these details, in case you aren't subscribed to the post.

Thanks for organising this. I've never seen a hockey game before (I'm from Australia/NZ), so this should be cool!


thanx for setting this up. this time i hope to see a better match than last time in boston where bruins slaughtered 1-7 to maple ... and not even a descent fight ;)

They're my favorite team so I'll be there. Will paypal you the money tomorrow.

two more

Thanks for setting this up. Jozef and i are coming to represent CivicActions, Slovakia, and Leaf Nation (please don't hate me cause i'm from Toronto. And don't pity me because i'm a Leafs fan, either). Hopefully the leafs will do as well as they did in Boston during DrupalCon 08.

A thank you to those who have gotten their payment in to me already. I'll send a quick message to confirm payment from those who have sent it.

Remember, I'm ordering the tickets on Friday, so remember to make your payment by then, otherwise you'll be on your own for getting your tickets.

Should be fun to have the diverse group that we'll have ... some cheering for the Leafs, others for the Caps, some who've never seen a hockey game before, some of us who do it at least twice a week :) And all of us Drupalers!

hey I sent you money today, looking forward for the game :) Thanks for organizing this

Yep i sent money too. we're up to at least 8 people, maybe more. let's see if we can hit 15 by Friday. If there's a sizeable enough discount for 15, it would sense to buy 15 even if we only get $ from 13, right?

Just sent money - looking forward to watching my first hockey game!

money sent via paypal. thanks for doing this. thanks to @jredding for pointing it out.

Good news guys: we're up to 17, so we'll qualify for a group rate. I think there are still a few of you who have expressed interest here and not paid. If you're planning on coming, you've only got a day and a bit left before I buy the tickets.

Count me in

Yeah man, I love a great hockey game... Money is on the way.

I'm buying tickets mid-day Friday and will do a last check for payments at noon Mountain time (GMT-7). Don't miss out!

i used to live in dc but never made it to a hockey game!

Joining up

Thanks for organizing this - I've sent you the money by paypal.

Will be the first hockey game I've seen!

thx for organizing - hope i am not too late!

Thanks everyone who's paid so far. I'm calling after lunch, so there's still a bit of time if you're on the fence.

For those of you coming to the game who've never seen an NHL game before, you're in for a treat. Washington is home to the most exciting young player in the league: Alexander Ovechkin. Don't take my word for it, though, check out some of the nice goals this kid scores.

Of course, the opponent that night, the Toronto Maples Leafs, happens to be one of the most storied franchises in pro hockey (not as storied as my Montreal Canadiens, but they've still got some colourful history).

I'm excited by the great response from you all to this game (28 of us at last count!).

I would also like to participate if i am not to late ;-)

So after a few phone calls with a ticket agent for the Caps, it turns out we are unable to get tickets for that Thursday game against Toronto. I did manage to get tickets to the Tuesday game against Carolina, however. That is the evening before DrupalCon begins, so I know some people aren't going to be able to make it, but a good number of people can still make this one.

I've sent emails to everyone who has paid me. If you've paid me and can make the Tuesday game, I've got a ticket for you (I bought 20, and they are holding 5 until this coming Tuesday). If you can't make it, please let me know so that I can refund your payment.

Depending on how many people are unable to attend, I may end up with a couple of extra tickets. I should know that by Tuesday and will post here if there are any available.

If you still want to go, please let me know ... we don't have 25 confirmed right now, so there are some still available to us if you want to go and can make the Tuesday game.

I still have two tickets available if anyone is interested and thought they missed out. If you have friends who may be interested, pass along the information.


Yeah I'm interested, what's the price etc?

We're down to one remaining ticket. Get it while you can.

I'll take the remaining ticket and if there is one more then I claim dibs on that one, too. Thanks, Joshua!

I'll take it. Thanks

Hey there,

I didn't get into the group ticket buy, but wondering what seats you have, as I am interested in going, and perhaps can get something close enough for Morten to buy me a beer!

We'll be seated in section 432 (upper bowl). When I bought the tickets, there were a handful more near to us ... give the Capitals a call at 202-266-CAPS to see if there's anything else in the section.

Markus: if anyone has to pull out, I'll let you know; you've got first dibs on anything that comes available.

If anybody pulls out, count me in the waitlist please!

Btw. which row do you have? I can try to buy one more ticket online.

I'm not sure what row we're in, just that it's section 432.

In case any of you missed my email:

I've just talked with the Caps ticket office again, and rather than you all trying to search me out, they are going to hold the tickets for pick-up by each of you individually at will call. I've given them a list of names, so they'll be prepared for you.

An important note for those of you who purchased more than one ticket: your name is on all of the tickets for that group. Please make sure to arrange for the others in your sub-group to get the tickets from you.

If you have any questions, I'm available by email or phone at 403.332.4583 all day today.

One day left til game day and DrupalCon. I can't wait to meet you all.

Section 432

Row K
Seats 4-12

Row L
Seats 1-15