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Stacy Watts

Stacy brings a love of teaching and learning to OpenSourcery. She translates regularly between what the technical world says and what the rest of the world wants to understand about open source software and technology in general. She also brings a solid desire to break software and learn how to make it more friendly for the end user.

She has too many interests both inside and outside of the technology realm to name. She's developed a recent passion for mycology, hand-spins yarn on public transit (wool, silk, or alpaca depending on the day), and performs in Aurora Chorus, voices for change, a 120-voice Portland Women's chorus.

Stacy also helped found Code-n-splode!, a gender-diverse tech group focused on encouraging and supporting women in open source technologies. She was raised composting, so any vegetarian food scraps in her vicinity go home to her well-fed worms. In her free time (!), she teaches (and continues to learn) archery, reads, hikes, bikes to work, and generally does everything she can to encourage others in their pursuits.

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