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John Mark Mitchell

Building on my experience in print and multimedia production, in 1993 I was given the opportunity of developing the first Web site for Mount Vernon, George Washington’s historic estate. That experience cutting HTML and tweaking GIFs to take advantage of LZW runline compression won me over from pressing CDs to pushing bits and bytes over the wire. I rode the internet bubble, in roles from IT to Marketing. After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology, I had the privilege to help start three companies, with one going public ( and two others that went the way of the dot-com era magazine, Red Herring. Fortunately, his career, like Red Herring, has found new life as a more agile, wiser version of the original. For the past 8 years I have worked in various roles in Information Technology and presently work at the American Bible Society as the Associate Director of IT Services.

Presently, the American Bible Society is in the throws of converting all our corporate web properties over to Drupal.

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