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Alex Dergachev

Alex was born in Ukraine, grew up in Brooklyn, and moved to Montreal in 2003 to study at McGill Univeristy. He graduated with a double major in Mathematics and Economics and a minor in Computer Science and started Evolving Web with Suzanne Kennedy.

In the summer of 2006, Alex created his first web application, a PHP-based classifieds website called McGill Exchange. From 2006-2008, Alex worked as a researcher/programmer at CIRANO, an inter-university research center and economics think tank. He worked with two other student developers in designing and implementing client-server applications for behavioral economics experiments.

As Evolving Web’s technical lead, Alex wears many hats, including include software architect, Linux administrator, programmer, and debugger. He’s always working to develop Evolving Web’s technical infrastructure, including version control, issue tracking, virtualization, automated backup, and credit card processing.

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