This site is archived. is a Drupal hosting company operated by Holistic Solutions. We have been helping people use the Internet since 1986 and have been involved with web hosting since 1993. HotDrupal was born out of a desire to contribute back to the Drupal Community by providing a hosting experience where the servers have been tuned for Drupal - a place where Drupal simply works out of the box without tweaking files or changing default settings.

We offer shared Drupal hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated Servers which are "ready to go" with everything pre-installed to run the Drupal version of your choice. Our Green Initiative dedicated servers use all RoHS compliant parts, high efficiency power supplies, energy efficient frequency scaling CPU's, etc.

Our most popular shared hosting plans offer a unique upgrade path. As your site grows you can upgrade in small steps with each offering placing you on a shared server with fewer customers per server. Our middle and upper-end shared hosting is the functional equivalent of your own VPS without the need for you to manage your own servers.

We own and operate our own servers. Technical support is based in the USA.