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Ever seen that sidebar headline that professes "234 critical patches", wanted to help, but then realized you don't know how? Not to fear! I can revv your patch-testing prowess by showing how you can select the proper issue for your skill level, test it effectively, and report clearly on the results. Remember, humans write these patches, and if nobody tests, they'll come back to a lifeless, desolate, forlorn issue queue day after day. Don't let this happen to our coders! Test a patch today!


Joel Farris


In this session, we will expose the elements of patch testing for beginners and intermediate Drupalistas. This is a 30 minute session, so bring your fast-moving pen hand for taking notes. Topics will include:
* How to select a patch that you can handle.
* Downloading & saving the patch in a way that tracks it's original issue URL.
* Applying the patch to a copy of Drupal.


This session will be an introduction to Drupal's documentation and how to get involved. In addition to discussing why documentation is sexy and the benefits it brings (both personally and professionally), we'll cover the current state of documentation and projects we are working on as well as how everyone can join in, from newbie to coder.


Addison Berry

We'll also report on the impact of recent docs projects, like what happened when we opened up editing to all authenticated users, and what we learned. We'll discuss the impact of the redesign on docs and then finish up with a Q&A period.