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DTrace - dynamic, non-intrusive profiling for Solaris and OpenSolaris. Even if you never deploy on these OSs, you could well benefit from DTrace as part of your development, debugging or performance tuning processes. Stop by with your modules (or your Drupal 7 code!) to see what your code really is doing. DTrace expert Angelo from Sun will be here to let you try out DTrace and ask questions. This is the same stuff Demo´ed at last year´s Java One, but tailored for Drupal and PHP.

We may also demo other Interesting Technologies from Sun and the OpenSolaris Community, including, but not limited to the Sun Storage 7000 series of Unified Storage Systems (cool, smart NAS). Or maybe ZFS, the filesystem that Just Works (now with Time Slider snapshotting). Or maybe something else altogether.

Come learn, play, discuss, rant. We´re game.


Are there any plans to hold this BOF? I will be at Drupalcon through the Code Sprints on Saturday. I would like to hear specifically how you have optimized your approach to Drupal deployment and maintenance with DTrace and ZFS.

Come on by... we'll also have some of our rumored Drupal-on-a-stick USB sticks to give away... Drupal 6 + Sun Web Stack + OpenSolaris, in one, bootable, Live USB stick.