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Like a lot of people, I have things to do and people to see in the DC area besides DrupalCon. Is there a schedule somewhere that can give me an idea of which hours of the day I'll be at the conference and which hours I'll be on my own? How about the Code Sprint -- when and where? (How come this site has no Search?)

I don't want to accidentally make plans with a friend on top of a DrupalCon session. Thanks!


Who needs to make plans? Come on, its only 2 and a half weeks away. Why are you concerned about silly session schedule details. Pfffft, I mean really.. we have a King of Parties, what more do you want????

Thanks, emackn, for encouraging me to post my question on other threads. Oh, and I found the search page, at /search of course.


I'm actually a little surprised that there isn't more people asking for updates. I live in DC and have no idea of the schedule. Hopefully something is coming soon.