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If you are having trouble with accommodation, I am able to organize a roll-out bed in my room from the 3rd (arriving late) to the 8th.


I'm a late scheduler - I just emailed you about the roll-out (or floor space - I'm not picky)

Under offer

Kinda taken, sorry. Just waiting for NikLP to confirm. I'll ask the hotel about additional guest (I've booked for only 2 adults). I'll post back here when I know more


Could I sleep on the floor with a sleeping bag?

Hi All

I just managed to organize the roll-out bed. It was haaard! It's weird when an American doesn't get the Australian (or maybe Geelong) accent (which part of "O for Oscar" is "R"?). Luckily I understood her confusion perfectly :P

At the moment I've got NikLP. I was going to try organize more beds but I gave up. I'm not sure if they allow more than the booked number of people. Probably they do if I could sweet talk it properly. Sorry I can't lock anything in trebuchet77 and bruceb. :(

NikLP - tweet near the end of your game. I'll tweet when I'm heading to the hotel. (Sounds like safest way?)