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update 2009.01.13: canceled this reservation.

I've got a room at the Quality in, at 501 New York Avenue NE. Non-smoking, 2 double beds. It's 1.5 miles from the convention center.

I'll gladly share the room with another male drupaler, for $40 per night.

I'm checking in on Monday March 2, and checking out on Sunday March 8.


I should have looked at those reviews. Thanks for the link.

I don't mind roughing it and being in a harsh climate, but to be on the safe side, I've canceled this reservation, and booked a room at The District Hotel.

There does seem to an over abundance of questionable (dangerous) motels/hotels in the DC area. One former native told me, as a start, to avoid anything on the East side.

It looked mighty tempting at $75 a night ... until I started reading the reviews.


Quality Inn

I also found that unbelievable offer - for only a few bugs not very far away from the Convention Center, but also, just before confirming the bookings, I've read those reviews... uargh!
So I decided to go to Comfort Inn - only a short walk away - a lot more expensive, but regarding the reviews not the worst thing in D.C. Even if it's not the best compared to all those Plaza, Sheraton and Marriot's, it should be worth for the couple of days. It even has free web access in every room, a coffee machine, etc. So let's see, if I can recommend it...