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Here are some hostels in DC:

I haven't been to those hostels, but you can search for reviews on sites like,, and


I just reserved a bed in a four-person, co-ed room at the HI/AYH hostel, and think it would be great if three other Drupallers could fill the room. :) Anyone?

I'm thinking about it. I'm just now looking into places to stay, so I'll want to find out a lot more about this hostel.

Couple Questions:
- What are the dates that you have the room booked?
- Can you point me to some trustworthy reviews of the hostel?

1) I'm checking in on 3 March and checking out on 7 March. It's not necessary for us to coordinate our departures, though, since they'll just put other people into the room as each of us leaves. I think we'd need to coordinate our arrival in order to claim one room for a unified group of four, though.

2) I don't know how trustworthy the reviews are, but the reviews collected by Google are a good place to start. This link worked for me, and here's the Yelp page.

Reviews and have reviews of all the hostels.

I already booked DC Lofty otherwise would consider HI.

I just looked at the dc lofty site, and from what I can tell, you have to book for a month minimum. Did you book it for a month? If I wanted to stay there for the week of drupalcon, how much would that cost me?


That looks new. I think I booked for 10 days. I'm going to check with them to make sure they're still a hostel.

DC Lofty said they still have short-term stays, but you have to book it through

Hey hey- DC Lofty! I'm booked there too. Anyone else?

I am staying at DC Lofty as well!

Will have a car for those who are interested in car pooling to the Venue, though it is very close. I will be arriving on Sunday for anyone that may like to hook up and do some sightseeing! Here is my phone number - 615-440-1915 / twitter username tmgstudio .

Look forward to meeting everyone!


I'll be at DC Lofty on the 2nd.

Just booked at Lofty from the 3rd through 6th. Location's not terrific (I'd prefer a shorter walk to the Conv. Ctr) but the price is great and it's good to know other Drupalistas will be there.

Hey, David. Shivan just reserved a room by phone, and was told that he'd be put in "my" (i.e., the Drupaler) room -- all he had to do was give my name (Tom Geller). We'll see what happens when we actually show up, but that's a good start.

So -- if anyone wants to make it an all-Drupaler room, that's what to do! Cheers,


Just a quick tip. I tried making a reservation online at but it kept saying the rooms were full during the drupalcon period. When I called in, I was able to make a reservation with no if you don't get through online, try calling.

I'm staying there as well, though I'm booked in a 10-bed room starting the Wednesday as I arrive early that morning. It would be awesome to meet up with others; I wonder how many those staying that week are part of the conference?


I have a great comtemporary house in DC metropolitan. It a much better stay compare to hotel if you travel as a group.
Check out

The house in the neighborhood of

Please also read the REVIEW on this site, we proud of it
Please call me at 202 669 7572

It does look nice! But I like the idea of being only two blocks from the convention center. :)

I can fully recommend William Penn house for some very inexpensive but comfortable lodging. It's nothing fancy, rooms are shared with bunk-beds, but it has a comfortable living room and dining space, a great and friendly staff, and it's fairly close to the Union Station metro.
Best of all, it's run by Quakers and was a home base for many during the civil rights movement. If you're looking for inexpensive, it's definitely worth taking a look. and have reviews of all the hostels.
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Thanks Jennifer!

I got a great hostel two blocks from the venue.

Just to let you know: I'm giving up on the idea of trying to get Drupalisto/as in a room together at the youth hostel -- it's too difficult. (In fact, I might be staying elsewhere for at least one night.) See you at the con!